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Welcome to Zion Gospel Ministries of India

Bro.Yesupadam was born in a traditional Christian family. When his mother was sad as she had no male child, she heard about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through her elder sister. She told her that Jesus is the true God and almighty God for whom nothing is impossible. Later his mother accepted Jesus as her savior and she had a vow with Him that she would offer to church a vessel for grape juice. In the next year she conceived and gave birth to a male child. That child is none other than Bro.Yesupadam.
While Bro.Yesupadam was still young, his father died of throat cancer. His mother had a dream of making him a well educated and good job holder. But he fell into the worldly desires and spoiled his life. Before he came to know about Jesus he had worked in a factory. His factory owner was a good believer of Christ. Bro.Yesupadam was inspired by the personal testimony of his owner and he accepted Jesus as his personal savior in the year 1980. While he was still working as a permanent employee in the factory, he received a call from God in the year 1999. But he overlooked His word two times and as a result of it he lost much in his life. When the third time God in his vision told him clearly, he confessed his wrong doing and instantly obeyed to God’s Word. Later he fully offered himself to His service. Read more…

Worship Service Schedule

Sunday 12:00pm to 2:30pm

Friday 07:30pm to 09:30pm

Saturday 07:30pm to 09:30pm

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Zion Gospel Ministries of India
Door No.2-143A, Opp.ZPH School
PIN: 521151; Krishna District
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